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Hello everyone!

I'm starting to do some clay zooms online, please book through the online workshop tab. I can supply a lump of clay for £1 to enable kids to join in, as I know not everyone has clay available or may not want to order a big bag. If you need to collect clay please let me know in advance!


Given that we are all stuck at home currently I have decided to upload some free projects to keep you busy at home. These are mostly for around ages 3 or 4 – 9 years, and (for those with two kids of this age group) are great for keeping the older child occupied while the younger child will need grown-up help. You will need to order some clay though! I would recommend air-hardening clay as we use in the workshops. Please watch the first Clay Setup section of the video before you get stuck in (it's at the start of each project). There is another project on You Tube under Kids Craft Workshop.

Fish Project - 40 mins


Clay - 2 lumps (grown-up fist size)

Rolling pin 

2 sticks (or magazines)

Matt or newspaper to work on


Plastic knife & fork (or actual ones if not)

Plastic pot - for water

Cardboard fish shape 

Cardboard to put work on to dry

Apron or old t-shirt to work in


Cork cut into small square 

shell or pen with bumpy lid

Old toothbrush

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