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Welcome to The Kids' Clay Workshop!


The Kids' Clay Workshop was created as a concept for kids to get their hands dirty, and to do something different as well as learning about clay. To squish it and bash it, roll it, flatten it, decorate it and join it to make something new and exciting they can take home and keep. Clay is one of Earth's more abundant materials and it's a brilliant and fun way to get back to basics while also being creative and making things in 3D form, which you just don't get from drawing or painting alone. And why let the kids have all the fun? I also run workshops for adults on request!

Public Classes & Workshops
Our Classes


Workshops are designed around a different project which we all make together, and we make everything from scratch, starting from a lump (or several lumps) of clay. Sometimes we paint the objects in class if there is time. Workshops can be run for schools as part of the art curriculum, or as After School Clubs. I also run workshops in holidays and on request - and don't let the kids have all the fun - workshops for adults can also be arranged on request!

Make, paint & take away Workshops

Workshops are designed around a project which we all make together, starting from a lump (or several lumps) of clay. Usually we paint the objects in class, using simple poster paints, and these can be taken home and then varnished once they are dry. We use a special hardening clay making the objects fairly sturdy! However they are not for domestic use as they are not fired (i.e. will not hold water).

Make & Bake Workshops

These are very similar in that we all make a project together, but at the end we paint using glaze colours. The work is then kept and taken back to the studio for drying, firing and glazing. These workshops are sometimes a bit longer and are more expensive but of course the work can be kept forever. Work can be delivered or collected a few weeks later depending on location.

Other Workshops....


Workshops have been run on request in person and on zoom for many other companies and occasions such as...

Nimble Arts Holiday Club

Southbank Centre

Bright Horizons NHS Trust

Crystal Palace Festival

Art on the Hill (Art/Craft School event)

Corndel Management School

There are live workshops in some holidays – please look under the 'workshops' tab or join the mailing list for updates on these.

Holiday Sessions for Ages 4-8 years & 5-10 years

These vary every holiday. Details for these can be found under the Workshop Tab and can be booked in online bookings.


School Workshops

The Kids' Clay Workshop runs After School Workshops at specific schools in the South London area. These can be run for most age groups in small groups (size depending on age). It is possible to tie in projects with any themes the school may be exploring at that time. Enquiries welcome!

Adult Workshops

The Kids' Clay Workshop runs workshops for adults on request, and has also run workshops on zoom for small groups of teenagers, or as a social activity for companies with employees working from home. They can also be arranged a s an alternative adult birthday or social activity! Please email to discuss.

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