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The Kids' Clay Workshop is located in South London. We aim to make a different project every week, and children will gradually become more dextrous while having fun. We use many different but simple techniques to create each project, helping kids explore the tactile nature of clay while developing important motor skills! Children are always proud and delighted to have made something by themselves.

Clay Projects

Projects range from very simple to more tricky, so if your child is a regular he or she will progress in skills, but every project is entirely manageable for those dropping in occasionally - especially with a little help (as needed) from their grown-up. It's important to find the balance between helping and not taking over (very tricky especially if you are a creative type itching to get stuck in...!!).

The aim is to encourage kids to create great things in a fun way!



  • Pencil pots

  • Dragons

  • Bowls

  • Fish

  • Faces


"The children are all excited
to show their parents what they have made and always want to make more.

Alison has had a fantastic impact on both the children
and staff and everybody looks forward to her sessions.”

Carol Fuller

Head of Nursery Education,
Gumboots Nursery, London, 2015

About Alison



Alison Hawkes has a ceramic degree from the University of Westminster, created her own sculpture work as well as working in publishing for many years on pottery books. She is also the author of a book, Sculpture Parks and Trails of Great Britain and Ireland. Having had her son, she is now focusing on her new studio and running classes for kids.


"As a child I really enjoyed going to pottery classes from an early age, and I think it's a great way to let kids be creative and have fun while learning about clay."

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